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Sinclair ZX Spectrum

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer has become a true computer legend. It was made on April 23, 1982. During the development phase, it was called ZX 81 Color and then ZX 82. Since the company wanted to emphasize the computer’s color graphics, it was then named Spectrum.

The small computer in a black box with a rainbow in the right corner had a characteristic rubber keyboard, which is why it was also called the “eraser”. The computer was powered by a Zilog Z80 processor and had 16 KB of ROM memory with the built-in Basic programming language. The working RAM was initially 16 KB but was soon upgraded to 48 KB. The computer was connected to the home TV, and programs were loaded from ordinary audio cassettes. The Basic programming language has awakened the desire for programming in many people. By the time of his retirement in 1992, more than five million “rainbows” had been sold.

The ZX Spectrum was used mostly for playing computer games. Classics such as Manic Miner, Atic Atac and The Hobbit were especially popular with young people. In addition to games, other software was also available: text editors, drawing programs, databases, etc. At first, Spectrum and other home computers could not be purchased in Yugoslavia, so computer enthusiasts illegally imported them mainly from Germany and Italy.

Date: 1982
Material: plastic, electronic components
Dimensions: 23 x 14.4 x 3 cm / 550g
And in. no.:
On view in the Depots of the State Museums in Pivka.


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