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november 2023

Tape recorder of the Italian company Geloso SA G 257

Arnold Archon was born on July 7, 1905, in Bukovica, Primorska. He was a member of the opera choir of the Slovenian National Theater in Ljubljana between 1933 and 1963. Already in his youth, he worked in the cultural and educational field in his hometown of Bukovica. Every year, especially during the summer months during vacation, he formed a children’s, youth and adult choir. When he retired, he bought a house in Vrtovino (1964/1965), where he founded a mixed choir for secular and church needs.

The tape recorder of the Italian company Geloso SA G 257 (year of manufacture 1961) was probably bought by Arnold Archon in the late 1960s. The recordings of the singing remained on tapes, which the daughter kept in a box of Zveče bonbons. Katarina Archon Žavbi remembers her father during singing rehearsals, because he practiced a lot at home and was a great perfectionist. The tape recorder was a great help to him.

Arnold Archon was also credited with building the cultural center in Bukovica. Together with the architect Oton Gaspari, they designed the building from their own point of view, so the cultural center is distinguished by its large stage, which can also accommodate a larger opera ensemble.

The tape recorder was handed over to the Museum by Katarina Archon Žavbi on March 1, 2023, for which we sincerely thank her. The tape recorder is on display in the Depots of the State Museums in Pivka.

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