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Dog friendly museum

The museum is becoming more and more open and accessible for ALL museum visitors. We are aware that pets today are associates, companions, friends, family members, as well as tourist travellers – therefore, we are open as well for the population, whose companions are dogs.

Thus, respecting of all our visitors, visiting the museum with a dog is possible only with the exact keeping of the museum code, which can be found here, or at the reception of the museum.


  • Dogs can accompany only an adult, who pays the entrance fee.
  • Only properly raised and obedient dogs are welcome. We believe in your critical judgment.
  • The dog owner takes all the responsibility. Also for possible damage.
  • The dog must be on the leash.
  • Unfortunately, an entry cannot be made to public guided tours or other activities visited by a larger number of visitors. The museum may also restrict entry in other exceptional circumstances. But you understand us, right?
  • The museum may restrict the entry of dangerous animals. These are those animals that threaten the environment because of their uncontrollable nature, or they show aggressive behaviour towards humans. (Official Gazette of the ZZZiv-UPB3, Article 5)
  • Additional pleasant information: pets have free access to the museum.
  • Guide dogs may enter the museum at any time, regardless of exceptional circumstances. Of course, during the opening hours of the museum.

Before visiting the museum, we RECOMMEND:

  • that the dog is nourished,
  • to fulfil the dog’s needs (peeing, pooing),
  • a good run or hike with your dog before the museum visit.
  • Of course, an ‘accident’ can happen – therefore, always keep a bag for collecting dog faeces and paper towels (you can get them in the rest rooms) with you. If it ‘happens’, the owner must immediately clean after his or her pet.


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