Joco Žnidaršič: Photographic Highlights
18. 5. 2023 to 18. 10. 2023
18. 5. 2023 to 18. 10. 2023

Joco Žnidaršič: Photographic Highlights

Joco Žnidaršič
A Commemorative Photographic Exhibition

Exhibition space in front of the museum
18 May – 18 October 2023

Joco Žnidaršič (Šoštanj, 1938–Ljubljana, 2022) was the first Slovene photojournalist whose photographs won the highest Slovene, former Yugoslav and international awards in the fields of reportage and art photography. In 1972, he was the first to receive all the first prizes at Yugoslav photography exhibitions, which no one had previously achieved. In 1977, he was the first Slovene photojournalist to win a Prešeren Award and to be among World Press Photo Award winners. He was decorated for his work by two presidents of the Republic of Slovenia.

The commemorative photographic exhibition consists of five sections: Portrait, Francka – a girl from Kozjansko, Cattle wagons, Saving a horse under Triglav and Slovenia. Portrait photos were among the first to win awards at exhibitions in the former Yugoslavia. The photos of Francka, a girl from Kozjansko, are at the peak of photos that went viral. The photographs of cattle wagons, together with the top photojournalist's creations in the field of reportage photography, won him an Award of the Prešeren Fund. The photojournalist's photos of saving a horse below Triglav were ranked among the best in the world with the World Press Photo Award. The photos of Slovenia are an expression of the photojournalist's feelings about his homeland, nature, its people and their achievements. He created many photographic monographs and other promotional material with them, which inspired people at home and abroad.

Joco Žnidaršič, as a photojournalist at Tribuna, Tedenska tribuna, Tovariš and Delo and as a freelance photographer, convincingly pushed the boundaries of the meaning of reportage photography and created one of the most recognizable photographic opuses in Slovene history.  

The National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia is the proud owner of the majority of the photojournalist's extensive opus.

Author of the exhibition: Irena Uršič
Author of photographs: Joco Žnidaršič
Exhibition design: Tomaž Perme
Photo editing: Sašo Kovačič
Proof reading: Anka Tušek
Translation: Martin Cregeen
Public relations: Barbara Kolenc
Print: Pegaz, d. o. o.

The exhibition has been made possible by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

On November 28, 2023, we mark the first year since the death of eminent photojournalist Joco Žnidaršič. We invite you to watch the video created during a Commemorative Photographic Exhibition Joco Žnidaršič – Photographic highlights.