Art competition This is Slovenia

Artworks were created for the international art competition This is Slovenia, which was on from 15 May until 15 July 2023 and was for children of Slovenians living abroad aged up to 14 years. The competition was held during the preparation of the exhibition From Homeland to Homeland: the return of Slovenian emigrants and their descendants to Slovenia after 1990, the fine arts of the youngest will also be on display at the exhibition.

How the winners of the international art competition This is Slovenia were selected
In selecting the competition winners, the jury considered several factors: the artistic skill demonstrated in the works submitted, the originality of the ideas, the choice of motif and the story behind the artwork. We were impressed by all the entries, which made selecting the winners very difficult. We have therefore decided to exhibit all the works received because each of them presents a memory of the Slovenian landscape in an original way.

Participants up to 6 years old

Mila Emma, 3 years, UK
The sea and holidays.

Kajetan, 3 years, UK
A strawberry garden.

Sia, 5 years, Australia
Two homes in two different parts of the world.

Sia immediately chose the concept of Slovenia as two houses, two homes at opposite ends of the world. They are connected by a path and are surrounded by different colours: Slovenia (red-brown) and Australia (orange).
Zaria Valentina, 5 years, UK
The playing area near where grandma and grandpa live. 
From 6 to 8 years
Age-Group Winner

Jakob, 7 years, Avstralia
A home in Slovenia and a home in Australia.

Jakob’s picture shows both homes – in Slovenia (red roof) and Australia (orange colour). They sit opposite each other on our Small Earth like countries on a map. Jakob could not focus on just one home and feels at home in both places.
Ajda, 7 years, Australia
My wish: to have a horse in Slovenia.

My artwork is of some horses because when I was little, I really loved them and I still do. I want to go to Slovenia and get a horse. It’s my ‘coming true’ dream! I love horses because I love their patterns and I love how they are friendly, and I think we’ll make a good bond.
Anya, 8 years, UK
The family dog Lottie.
Ella, 6 years, UK
Ljubljana Castle and its funicular. 

The first thing that came to Ella’s mind on the chosen theme was Ljubljana Castle and its funicular, which Ella loves to visit when we’re on holiday in Slovenia.

Teona, 6 years, Republic of North Macedonia
The dragon, symbol of Ljubljana.
From 9 to 11 years
Age-Group Winner

Ayla, 9 years, UK
A deer with the Alps in the background. 

A deer with the mountains in the background. The deer often visits Ayla’s grandparents’ garden, and the view of the Alps is something that always reminds her of Slovenia.

George, 10 years, UK
Rupert, 9 years, UK
Slovenia in space.
From 12 to 14 years
Age-Group Winner

Ana Marija, 13 years, Belgium
The island on Lake Bled.

I have drawn the island on Lake Bled. Bled is my favourite place in all of Slovenia because it’s where I spend most of my holidays with my relatives. In summer I sometimes swim or paddle to the island. We Slovenians can be grateful to have such a beautiful spot that is visited and admired by people from all over the world.
Gal, 12 years, UK
Slovenian accordion.

I have drawn a Slovenian accordion because I’m proud to be Slovenian.
Zala, 12 years, Canada
A view of Bled.

I chose to do a picture of Bled because when I think of Slovenia I think of swimming and ice cream and beautiful views and nice people. During my trip to Slovenia I went to Bled and experienced all of that.