October 2021

A Slovene Soldier Diary 1914-1918

At  the opening of the newly renovated permanent exhibition, an unusual diary written by a WWI Slovene soldier, has been chosen as the object of the month. The diary is extraordinary because it is written in verse and carefully illustrated in ink, coloured pencils and water colours. It was written by Jože Triplat, a poet from Most pri Žirovnici. His verses and  illustrations take us from the  mobilisation in July 1914 to the Eastern front and his captivity in Russia. They are written on checkered paper on 56 pages in a dark green notebook, size 8.5 cm x 13.6 cm. It was written in order to help the author to overcome the wartime confusion  and  preserve the memory of his own experience of war, without any intention to be published. The unique diary was first mentioned  in the book  called Flea Market Stories  written  by a collector,  the late Mr. Ciril Ulčar, where he mentiones an interesting diary that we lost track of.  Fortunately, the diary was not lost and was bought by the Museum with the support of the Ministry of Culture in 2012, which thus saved an important part of Slovene cultural-historical war heritage.