Oktober 2020

Maksim Gaspari, Plebiscite Postcard: A green frog before the plebiscite day. The green frog on the plebiscite day. On the postcard backside: Carinthians! Attenton! Our colour is white! Collection of postcards, Museum of Contemporary History, inv. n. R 2212

Plebiscite Postcard

Slovene National Council for Carinthia published a series of plebiscite postcards by Maksim Gaspari (1883-1980). His postcards were sent to every household and influenced a person's subconscious and emotional aspect. They searched for the elements of national identity, uncovered and created their own traditions. They also played with fear, search for humanity and connection with the community. The selected postcard of pre-plebiscite period of time bears witness to general, widely spread and endless optimism concerning the voting results. The tension had gradually increased beyond the boiling point until the end of the vote count. The plebiscite was held on 10 October 1920. The turnout was high, with 37,636 out of 39,291, i.e. 95.79% of voters. 59.04%, i.e. 22,025 people voted for the Republic of Austria, and 40.96%, i.e.15,279 people voted for the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The expectations were thus unfulfilled since the majority of Carinthians, a lot of them Slovenes, chose to live in the Republic of Austria.