August 2020

A commemorative stamp on the 90th Anniversary of the Execution of the heroes of Bazovica

The latest commemorative stamp of Pošta Slovenije, which is kept in the philatelic collection of The Museum of Contemporary history of Slovenia, was dedicated to the memory of four members of Borba respectively the secret anti-fascist organization TIGR, who were found guilty of terrorism and anti-fascism at the First Trieste Trial. Heroes in the fight against post-italianization and fascism – Slovenes Ferdo Bidovec, Fran Marušič, Alojz Valenčič and Croat Zvonimir Miloš – were executed on 6 September 1930 in Bazovica above Trieste.

Beside the stamp there is an envelope and the postmark, which symbolizes the stone monument with the engraved surnames of the heroes and the issue date on the 100th anniversary of an arson attac on the Narodni dom in Trieste.

The designer is Borut Bončina, its initiator is Marko Bidovec, the great-grandson of Ferdo Bidovec.