February 2020


Album by the sculptor Marjan Keršič – Belač (18. 5. 1920–3. 6. 2003)

on unveiling his monument to the Slovene poet Karel Destovnik Kajuh (13. 12. 1922–22. 2. 1944) in Celje on May 24, 1965.

»I have created the Kajuh's figure in the pose as was often experienced by his fellow-combatants of the XIVth Division. Also my brother PAVLE, with his partisan name JEŽEK (little hedgehog) participated in the division's march and experienced the fiercest battles and wounds caused by mines. So he could tell me that Kajuh used to clench his fist when marching or having speech in front of the division and that he wore an ordinary English blouse«.

(Marjan Keršič – Belač)