Collection of the items from the post-war mass graves

The sites of the first post-war mass graves were discovered in the 1990s and more than 700 have been recorded so far. Since 2004, the Museum has acquired a large number of civilian and military items that were collected during exhumations at thirty-two sites. The first recorded objects in the collection, which counts over 3,500 objects, are from the mass graves of the Cave under Macesnova gorica and from the abyss of Konfin 1. As many as 1705 objects are from the post-war mass grave from Cerklje ob Krki, where the excavation took place in the autumn of 2013. Behind eleven barriers in the Huda jama -Barbara Trench were discovered in 2008 over 1400 victims, including members of the Slovenian Home Guard, Croatian Home Guard, Ustasha and civilians. The objects found in the Barbara Trench in 2008 were handed over to the Museum in accordance with the decree of the investigating judge.

Collection curator: Dr Monika Kokalj Kočevar, Museum Councillor