Collection of gifts of the former president of RS, mr. Milan Kučan

In 2002, the Museum received 702 gifts from the former President of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Milan Kučan. He got them during his mandate between the years 1992 and 2002. Gifts which were given to Mr. Kucan by officials and individuals of the Republic of Slovenia, other countries' representatives or statesmen and international organizations can be divided into several major groups: gifts of statesmen, gifts of citizens, gifts of Slovenian companies and institutions, and gifts of societies.
Among statesmens' gifts dominate gifts of well-known brands, mostly made of precious metals. Trays, bowls, plates, boxes,and candlesticks prevail. Among the gifts of citizens and societies from Slovenia are plaques, paintings, drawings, models and photographs.

Collection curator: Dr. Monika Kokalj Kočevar, Museum Councillor