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Open call: Slovenia and Corona: Your story is part of history too

How will future generations know what the Coronavirus pandemics has meant for Slovenia? The National Museum of Contemporary History is asking for your help. Become a part of Historical Collection Project: Please, send us your stories and photos of things that exemplify your new private or professional life in the times of Coronavirus. This will helps us include a selection of proposed objects in the collection of the National Museum of Contemporary History, ensuring that we will be able to illustrate this time to the generations to come.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus and the measures taken against it are radically changing life in Slovenia. How will we look back on this time in the coming years, decades, and centuries? Help us collect Slovenia's history here and now! Become a field historian, right at your own home.

Send your stories and photos via E-mail to, adding a brief description, what the specific objects mean to you.

By sending the stories and photos, you agree to their publication by the National Museum of Contemporary History. We will contact you at a later date, if objects are to be included in the collection of the National Museum of Contemporary History.

With this call we join other museums across Europe who have similarly invited people to contribute their tile to the mosaic of history. You can take a look at what life at the time coronavirus looks like in other European countries here: