Wooden kick scooter


We donned this year’s March in children’s ‘spring day’ in the 50s and found an object, which has then brought plenty of joy and challenges – the wooden kick scooter.

Spring – when the first snowdrops’ and hellebores’ buds shyly peek from forest soil, later on with each passing day more courageously exposed to the sun’s rays – we know that spring is here with all the serenity and joy. This month we took a look at the youngest. There is nothing better than expelling a bicycle, tricycle or scooter in the garden or in a yard near home; and additionally, if the parents allow a little competition with their peers, enthusiasm surrounds the children even more.

This is exactly what was going on in the morning of 11 May 1952, when toddlers and children tried to run with small cars, bikes and kick scooters in Ljubljana, caught on camera by a photographer Vladimir Simončič – Vlastja. On this day a pioneering spring day was celebrated. That was the day when in Ljubljana and also in other places in Slovenia children have gotten a lot of attention and joyful moments, specifically prepared for them.

Wooden kick scooter, presented as this month’s object, is two years older than the presented photos, however, it was most certainly placed into good use, as evidenced by the lack of a nose wheel. School certificate filled with only the highest grades in June 1954 persuaded Matija Urbanc’s parents that he, a successful first grade pupil as he was received a splendid gift – the kick scooter. Stones on the Gerbičeva street in Ljubljana were soon treaded by the boy’s feet, kick scooter’s small wheels however, could not cope with gravel roads after many travelled (kilo)meters. Despite the tireless repairs nose wheel could not be saved and it constantly fell off – until the moment when it could no longer be returned to its original state. As such it is kept in our museum since the year 2003.

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