Temporary Border
7. 9. 2017 to 28. 2. 2018
7. 9. 2017 to 28. 2. 2018

Temporary Border. Life And Longing In Zone A (1945- 1947)

The exhibition marks the 71th anniversary of the creation of the western Slovenian border. It is devoted to an outline of existential relations in the area of the Julian March before 1947 and, through the memories of the inhabitants, reveals the complex relations in the region during the Allied Military Government (1945-1947).

In the two-year period of the AMG, the national struggle for the territory followed the ideological struggle for victory over Nazism. The antagonism between the two nations involved became ever sharper, and the issue of the solution split people into two opposing halves – whether the Julian March would be Italian or Yugoslav (Slovenian). In the memories of this period, there is a clear ideological gulf and the way in which witnesses evaluated individual events. In the context of recall of the same events, memories are formed within already established national discourses, based on different interpretations of post-war events. On a collective level, these post-war interpretations are embedded in the constructs of equating Italians with Fascists and Slovenes with “Titini” (Tito worshippers), with myth-making representations that persisted in the region for a long time. The hatred that fed on old historical foundations and caused new waves of violence against those who thought differently, was preserved long after the borders were established.

“There was great hatred. And then it took a long time for the tension to die down. «  (I.C., Italian witness)

The period of the AMG is preserved in the collective memory as a transition from shortage to well-being, an exit from poverty and the beginning of the new, post-war life. It is precisely in these positions that the memories of the two national groups in the town overlap, and differences appear only at the level of confrontation with others in the area, in the struggle for the allegiance of the cities and the new border.