The Typewriter


105 years old internationally most recognized Slovene writer Boris Pahor, with consent of Vera Sardoč, donated a typewriter Triumph from the 1930s, which has been located in his house in Trieste for decades. The owner of the typewriter was Poldka Gruden, mother of Vera Sardoč. The typewriter was used by Poldka Gruden (partner of Dorče Sardoč, one of the famous members of antifascist organisation TIGR), Radoslava Premrl (wife of Boris Pahor) and Nada Pertot. During the Fascist period this typewriter served Slovene patriotists for matrix of secret articles, reproduced on cyclostyle. After second world war this typewriter served for rewriting the literature of Slovene writers and poets for the Slovene high schools in Trieste.

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