The Story of the Earrings


The Story of the Earrings

At first, my mother’s family lived in Dolenji Logatec. My grandfather Oskar Szillich (after WWII the spelling of the surname was changed to »Žilič« by his descendants) was the station master of the Logatec railway station. He married a local girl Dragica De Gleria (1886-1955). Their four children were all born in the station building: Dragica (1910), Oskar-Milan (1913), Majda (1915) and Marjan (1917). They lived there during World War I and the children and their mother spent their time watching trains transporting soldiers to the front.

In autumn 1917 a young soldier got off the train and gave my grandmother  Dragica Szillich (de Gleria) a small box and asked her to keep the treasure until his return or to give it to a lively, then two year old girl Majda in case of his not coming back. In the box there were two hair knitted earrings that reminded the soldier of his girlfriend, mother, home… After the war he did not return.

The treasure which had a more personal than face value remained in Majda’s possession. After having married Fran Zwitter she took it to her new home. Later, she passed the earrings together with the story on to me.

After a hundred years it is perhaps time to offer the treasure of the unknown soldier who unfortunately did not come back from the battlefields to the museum.

Anja Dular (born Zwitter)


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