The object of the month is  Podarim – dobim raffle card as a part of the upcoming renovation of a part of the permanent exhibition – The Eighties.

The successes of young Slovenian skiers in 1984 prompted the emergence of Podarim – dobim (By giving – I’m receiving), one of the most successful marketing campaigns in Slovenia. Attractive television spots, with a relaxed connection to the recognizable Janez Hočevar – Rifle’s outfit, and a take-off of Pepel in kri’s song »Smučajmo vsi, Bojan in mi« (We’re all skiing, Bojan and us), everyone was invited to buy Podarim – dobim raffle cards. In addition to tempting prizes, in the atmosphere of the rising national consciousness, the campaign provided financial support for Slovene winter athletes and unconsciously united the inhabitants of Slovenia.


Object of the month

The scale model of the Mauthausen camp

The scale model of the Mauthausen camp

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Girl's outfit

Girl’s outfit

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