What happens when bringing together a group of young peole with a group of museum experts in one museum?

Allow the pink path and the stairs guide you to the new and fresh exhibition we have prepared.
This art installation was painted by the young artists in front of the museum. We invited them to prepare their interpretation of exhibition’s slogan "One Object – Many Visions – EuroVisions". With their artist intervention they decided to trigger the visitors of the Tivoli Park, surrounding the museum, to play on the path that leads towards museum. Through the optical game, non-visitors approach the museum and stop playing right in front of the entrance, therefore you learn about the museum through the process of edutainment.

An experimental exhibition EuroVision Lab. was opened between 16 July and 3 December 2015.

But what does the experimental exhibition actually means?

The National Museum of Contemporary History is cooperating in the European project EMEE – Eurovision: museums presenting Europe. In March 2015, we invited 15 young adults and 15 museum experts from the whole Slovenia to collaborate in the project. We have turned the ordinary roles between the public and the museum upside down and defined the new ones. We asked the museum workers to fetch on view their best museum objects and assigned the young the task of museum curators. In the frame of museum speed dating, the new museum curators were selecting the objects from the ones museum workers represented as best of the best selection from the national heritage with European references and thus deserved to become the object of the upcoming exhibition.

Connecting: among museums and the public
Under the slogan One Object – Many Visions – EuroVisions we focused on the challenges that museums are facing nowadays. What is their role in the society? Are they recognizable – do they leave an impression on people? Are they presenting their objects well?

We came up with a few conclusions, but the most pressing matter that museums need to tackle with is the need for connecting. Connecting among museums, museum experts, and the public. When we combined the young adults with museum experts, we took the best of both worlds: museum treasures, heritage, knowledge and experience with youthful enthusiasm, excitement and interest.

Young adults were trained in different museum skills, while the museum experts were upgrading their knowledge and thinking about the multileyed meanings of the objects in their own collections. Programme for both groups was based on our own experiences from the EMEE project. After separate introduction sessions, we connected the both groups.

The participants in the process of the EuroVision Lab., May 2015, photo: Sašo Kovačič

Museum “speed dating”
On “speed dating” museum experts had to dazzle the young adults with a story of their object as well as their multi-layered and transnational components. Young adults had to choose five objects that spoke to them. With this, we concluded the workshops and the young adults started with preparations for the experimental exhibition. They tested themselves in variety of roles, from scenographers, curators, to editors always with the intention of creating an exhibition – a time capsule for the visitors to touch and explore. To get a slight insight on what can you find at the exhibition, take a peek into the special eddition of the EuroVision Lab. newspaper:


Which are the five selected objects?
Beehive panel
Handcrafted vase made from an artillery shell casing
The Teddy Bear and the Italian Passport
Iskra NP-21 film projector
Iskra ETA 80 Telephone

On an additional exhibition, you will be able to discover all the objects the young adults were choosing from and see the presentation of our partners in EMEE project. Since we are curies at the EMEE project as well as in the museum – in which objects do You see Europe, you will be given a chance to “play around” the exhibition.

In the end, allow us to introduce you with the multi-layered Europe through the eyes of participants in the EMEE Young Scenographer Contest. In order to present their points of view, we are going to include a traveling exhibition where the best teams of scenographers will be presented along with the catalogue. 

This diverse and experimental exhibition was opened on July 16 2015 and welcomes you until October 10 2015. During this time, keep an eye on the evets that will take place as an accompanying programme. To name just a few: treasure hunt, museum tea parties, art workshops, and so on.

We are convinced you will be able to find something of interest no matter the age. See you soon!