Military musicians


Museum showcase of the month of February is dedicated to military musicians.  In particular, in the period before the Second World War they represented one of the pillars of musical life in Ljubljana.

Displayed are a pair of collar insignia in the form of Lyre, spurs and a ceremonial belt of military bandmaster in the Royal Yugoslav Army Janez Žnidar. He used the objects in the years before the World War II.

Object of the month

Marjan Ciglič's Photojournalistic Diary

Marjan Ciglič’s Photojournalistic Diary

Marjan Ciglič, the eminent photographer at the Dnevnik newspaper, created an exceptional photographic opus that forms one of the most …
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The memorial book from Africa

The memorial book from Africa

Prof. Ivan Rudolf, collected Slovene volunteers throughout the prisoner-of-war camps in Africa during Second World War and motivated them to …
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