Marjan Ciglič’s Photojournalistic Diary


Marjan Ciglič, the eminent photographer at the Dnevnik newspaper, created an exceptional photographic opus that forms one of the most extensive and indispensable fonds of the museum’s Fototeka. Photographs depicting daily life, culture, politics, the economy, and sports are just some of the motifs found in Ciglič’s vast legacy. Ciglič was dedicated to his profession and made daily records of events he photographed, thus producing diaries that are an invaluable resource for inquiry. The Joys of Winter exhibition, mounted in celebration of his work at the 20th anniversary of his death, features the edition of the Dnevnik newspaper in which two Ciglič’s photographs were published: “Snow brings all sorts of ‘joy’…, Vršič, 1963” and “Children who seldom experience snowfall in coastal regions are especially captivated by it, Opatija, 1963”.


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