In Search Of Freedom


Running from: 1 February – 30 May 2018

Supported by the Europe for Citizens funding, the project IN SEARCH OF FREEDOM: 1968–2018 is a joint venture bringing together partners from Slovenia, Spain and Poland. Focusing on an important point in our common European history, it aims to re-examine the message of the 1968 student protests and to promote the importance of a civil society in shaping democracy. But above all, it shows that the search of freedom is not yet over. In a world of increasing social injustices there are however still freedom fighters who inspire us.

Running concurrently with the project, the INTERNATIONAL INSTAGRAM PHOTO CONTEST is one of the project’s main activities. It was conceived with the aim to build an archive of positive images of freedom fighting and freedom fighters from the contemporary society. The contest is open to everyone, welcoming particularly students.

Using the hashtag #InSearchOfFreedom2018, we invite you to post images reflecting your own individual creative perceptions, interpretations, and visions of positive examples of the search for freedom in your own time. You can focus on events, stories and personalities from both from your immediate reality or the media world. Add a sentence about why the image you posted inspires you.

Submissions will be accepted throughout the contest, which will run from 1 February to 30 May 2018. The best photos as selected by the jury will be displayed at an INTERNATIONAL TRAVELLING EXHIBITION held in June to December 2018 in Ljubljana (National Museum of Contemporary History), Warsaw (History Meeting House) and Barcelona (University of Barcelona).

To be a part of this international event and enter this amazing opportunity, just grab your phone, snap a picture that represents your own vision of freedom in 2018 and post it on your Instagram profile. Tag it with #InSearchOfFreedom2018 and tag us @InSearchOfFreedom1968!

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