Girl’s outfit


Girl’s outfit of Jutranjka factory, Sevnica

In 1962, more precisely on January 1, Jutranjka Craft Company was founded in Sevnica, which specializes and has grown into a leading company for the production of children’s clothing in Yugoslavia. The production began in small rooms of the former inn at the Main Square in Sevnica with seven tailors, and in the next year, the number of employees increased to 40. In the following years, the company grew rapidly in both production and by the number of employees, which also dictated the need for larger premises. Already in 1966, it was renamed the Jutranjka Children’s Confectionery Factory, and their products became known all over Yugoslavia. From the very beginning, they followed the taste of the youngest and current fashion trends, as well as the quality materials and workmanship with their products.

Despite the rapid rise and success in the common Yugoslav market, after the independence of Slovenia, the company was in serious trouble and, with bankruptcy at the end of 2003, experienced similar fate as many other companies in Slovenia. Here we present their size 2 girls’ dress from the beginning of 70’s.


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