From car repair to the production of combs


Partisan workshops established during the Second World War supplied their products to both Partisan Military Units and the civilian population. Among the items in the Museum collection are also some products of the Partisan Mechanical Workshop “Murn”. It was founded in autumn 1943, as part of the workshops in Stare Žage, and was situated on the Teljan mill and sawmill along Divji potok. It employed up to 30 people and workers came from all over Europe. Among Slovenes, there were also Croats, Poles, Czechs, Russians, Italians and even a Frenchmen. The workshop has repaired a wide range of bicycles, motorcycles, cars and even sewing machines and typewriters. Among the workshop products, with various spare parts for vehicles, etc. we also find kitchen utensils and about 5000 combs.

One of them, marked “PART MEH DEL” MURN “”, is presented as our object of the month. The material for the combs literally flew to Slovenia as they were made of aluminium sheets of a crashed allied aircraft.


Object of the month

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