Decorated Vase


Nicholas Saunders in his book Trench Art  wrote that  the First World War was, above all, a war of industrialized technology and material – a physical, psychological, and cultural shock whose intensity and imagery appeared to conjure reality from visions of Hell which had only ever existed in the imagination of previous generations. In our museum we keep some interesting works of trench art that were made by soldiers from the remains of shells or wood in the trenches, prisoners’ camps and in the hinterland in their free time. After the war they became reminders of the life spent on the battlefields, a sales article or they served as a rare souvenir  of a fallen relative. We are displaying a decorated vase from legacy of dr. Ludvik Kramberger as this month’s item. It was manufactured, decorated and given to him by wounded soldiers that he treated  in the hospital during the First World War. Dušan Kramberger donated it to the Museum two years ago.


Object of the month

Vase - a present to Sergej Kraigher

Vase – a present to Sergej Kraigher

A massive, 37 cm tall vase made of crystal, with various ornaments, received in 1974 Slovenian politician Sergej Kraigher …
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The figurine of German Navy soldier

The figurine of German Navy soldier

In December 2018, Mrs. Alenka Pavlovec donated to our museum a figurine of the soldier of the German Navy (kriegsmarine) …
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