Cribs made of burnt clay


Cribs made of burnt clay, which consists of the holy family, six shepherds, three kings, two donkeys, two cows, twenty-one sheep and one camel were  bought at St. Nicolas Fair in Ljubljana in the winter of 1941/42 by  14-year-old Dušan Stefančič.

Object of the month

Cap and gloves Inex Adria

Cap and gloves Inex Adria

OCTOBER Cap and gloves of of Inex Adria Aviopromet stewardess uniform from 1972 “Ladies and gentlemen, dear passengers, good morning …
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Podarim - dobim raffle card

Podarim – dobim raffle card

The object of the month is Podarim – dobim raffle card as a part of the upcoming renovation of a …
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