Cap and gloves Inex Adria


Cap and gloves of of Inex Adria Aviopromet stewardess uniform from 1972

“Ladies and gentlemen, dear passengers, good morning and welcome to the flight…”, that is how for almost 60 years the cabin crew’s welcome speeches on the flights of the former Slovenian air carrier begin, which – after several changes – has been named Adria Airways since 1986.

Since the establishment of the company in 1961 to this day, the stewardess uniform has also been changed several times, consistent with the fashion standards. In the showcase is a hat/headgear and gloves, a part of the uniform of 1972. The dark blue color was introduced in 1971, additionally also the creation of a women’s jacket and skirt changed. The stewardesses wore a white cotton blouse underneath the wool costume. The scarf was replaced with the yellow tie with white dots, while the round caps were replaced with a high cap. Of course, the white gloves were an essential part of the uniform.

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