C111 Mercedes car toy


In February, we are presenting a C111 Mercedes car toy on the power-management – a wish of many children in the eighties.

Inspired by the upcoming holidays, we are displaying an object of a slightly younger age – a toy – 26.5 cm long, electrically conducting car: Mercedes C111. The orange handsome, stored in the original box, was produced in the eighties in Izola factory Mehanotehnika. With the possibility of remote control – however, no more than 210 cm, as long as the management cord is – starting and stopping, driving back and forth and the possibility of wheel spin this car has been the desire of many children. For even better approximation to 16-times larger original, the toy included the effect of adding the gas, the possibility of opening the doors and the luggage compartment, which enabled the insight into carefully designed interior. The toy is managed by the red housing, control panel with a steering wheel and two buttons operated on two 1.5 V batteries Dragon, produced by a factory Iskra Ljubljana Dragon.

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