The Reichenburg Castle

The town of Brestanica (known as Rajhenburg until 1952) is located not far from the town of Krško, in the direction towards Celje. It lies at the confluence of the Sava River and the Brestanica Stream.


The town has a rich historical past as some of the preserved historical remnants date back to as early as the prehistoric era and to the time of the Roman Empire, when the Roman road from Celeia to Neviodunum passed through the area.
The castle was reopened on 1 December 2012 after a year-long renovation project. The beautifully renovated castle, which is an important cultural and historical monument, is definitely worth visiting.


The Brestanica Museum of Political Prisoners, Internees and Deportees is a branch of the National Museum of Contemporary History. It is housed in the Reichenburg Castle, where  there is currently an exhibition illustrating the life and work of Trappist monks. Next year, there will be a modified exhibition on the deportation of Slovenes during World War II and an exhibition illustrating how the Reichenburg Castle was used as a prison after the war.