The light made from postcards

APRIL 2017

The light made from postcards, presented as object of the month, until recently adorned someone’s nightstand. Frane Žibert from Blagovica gave it to his sister. He made many various products from cards in 1968, while he performed the military service in Vrhnika. For the production of various types of boxes, jewellery boxes, and lights Fran used his postcards as well as the postcards from the other men, who performed military service with him. Even the inhabitants of Vrhnika kindly gave some cards to Frane. Whenever he had some free time in the barracks, he sewed the post cards’ products and delighted his family and beloved with his handmade gifts. This light and two boxes are the ones, who remained in the best condition until today – and from this year, those three objects became a part of the treasury we keep safe in our museum.

Object of the month

Concert ticket

Concert ticket

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